Whistling on the street – in life as in business

“How to …”, “Ten steps to …”, “Five strategies that …”. Okay, but what would be the next step? Maybe ”Why do we want to take the ten steps? ”or maybe“ What is success actually for each of us?”.

There are many tools for developing a successful business or life, but do you need all these tools to grow? Is it necessary to have a sales funnel for each company? Are anyone’s strategies valid in your life? Maybe we should learn to ask ourselves questions. To learn to adapt all the knowledge of the situation we are in, not others. Maybe from the “ten steps for” we need only two or in addition to the ten we need to add three more.

It is a stage where we are drawn to the patterns we learn from each other and apply them without realizing that it is not our puzzle. Sometimes the solution is simpler than you think it is, sometimes the solution is to do nothing. It’s hard to believe, but there are also times when you have to leave the time and actions of the past to make it work. We are in a hurry, expect immediate results, but no seed will emerge per minute and all the more it will not grow suddenly.

Maybe we should start looking at time differently, maybe we should allow it to run. We take the actions we need, but we shouldn’t get into a state of constant waiting that stresses us. Because of the permanent state of haste we make mistakes, and it is not a matter of reality, but why we feel and think, in turn, what we think affects what we do. We do not allow the seed to grow, we pour too much water and we rot or abandon it for many other seeds, and when it had to make the growth, it also dried.

If you’ve done everything that is up to you, relax, allow time to place them in their places, if you stress the time, he becomes ruthless with you. And the effect of mutual blaming (accusation) appears. Blame it on time but somewhere in the subconscious you know you are guilty. Here comes the feeling of guilt that is the cruelest of all. And the main cause of closed circuits. If the guilt appears you always take it from the beginning, you go through your mind through all the times of failure, you become demotivated and tired.

The reality is much simpler, that’s why it’s called reality, it doesn’t need too many interpretations. Yes, each of us perceives it differently from the perspective of our own experiences and knowledge, but it does not mean that it changes in some way. The best way to adapt to reality is to stay connected as much as possible today. To learn continuously, the more domains and points of view we know, the easier we can understand other people’s perspectives, so we can more accurately target reality.

And last but not least, we shouldn’t attribute foreign definitions to our success, to find what success is for us. Let’s answer the question: “What makes me fulfilled, so that I go whistling on the street?”

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