When emotions scream at me – About change

When my heart beats more powerfully, I know I live. When the emotions are screaming at me, I am angry at them too, to temper a little. This strategy does not work, which is why I take them with the good. In turn, they start to tell me why they are so upset and why they behave badly with me. They most often occur when I am not fully aware of the situation, or when I am taken by surprise.

I like to keep my life and the things that happen to me under control. Most often, however, the plans do not totally coincide with reality. Then I come face to face with the astonishment that most often turns into frustration.

Cum este posibil să fii luat prin surprindere, dacă întotdeauna ai planificat, planificat, planificat?

Simple, you always use the same premises, knowledge and experiences. You want to plan the future using data from the past. And because the development of the society is not just about you …. Surprise!

This in itself cannot be changed. You can only change the attitude with which you receive change in your life. You want to reconcile with this reality. Of course you will have to do some convincing work with your beliefs. You will need to analyze them a bit and remove the beliefs that suggest that change is a bad thing. Because it is very likely that you wrote in the genes “change is bad, stay away from it”, “it is good as it is now, you feel comfortable, even if you are not satisfied with what is happening in your life”, “it is better sparrow in hand than crow from the fence” or other words that make you feel good for the moment.

At first it is hard, but with the experience you will look forward to something new, something that will move your heart out of place. I liked the words of FedEx founder, president and CEO Fred Smith: “You are the way you are because you want to be that way. If you really wanted to be different, you would already be in the process of change.”

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