Positive Thinking / Personal Development – Why Do We Exaggerate?

Why are we exaggerating? Why are we not aware, besides the benefits, of the shortcomings of some tools, skills learned? Are things only in black or white?

Concepts such as “positive thinking”, “personal development” are overrated by some and underrated by others. While they can be useful only if we look at them in terms of balance.

In terms of positive thinking, if we see everything in pink it will probably be of no use to us. We won’t even notice the pit beneath feet. But if we treat everything with a negative attitude we will not see the beautiful side of things and we will be demotivated. Perhaps it would be better to find a balance in which to analyze the situation we are in? With the help of positive thinking, we can channel it towards success, taking into account the possible risks. That way we will feel more confident about the situation and have a clear picture of what should happen.

In terms of personal development, if you devour any information and learn skills at random, get to a point where you realize that you know a lot, but do nothing in what you know. And vice versa, if you just act and not develop you will feel that you cannot pass a certain level no matter how much you try. It’s not about what you can do, but about what you think you can do. Here balancing would mean applying what you learn consistently, only then will the mind synergize with the action and the results will be visible.

The balance in this case, is not a fixed state to reach, it is rather a state of continuous evolution in harmony. We can imagine balance as a situation where you have two glass bowls that you have to fill with some balls. Each time you receive only one little ball and you can place them one at a time in each of them. It can never happen that those two bowls have the same number of balls. Nor to be greater distance between them than one. In the case of personal development it would be: the first bowl for development and the second for action. And in the case of positive thinking would be: the first bowl for positive thinking and the second for measuring risks.

To many and colorful balls! 🙂

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