Labels, clichés, statistics – Milk will burn? …!

We live with a statistical mindset. We know what will happen in the next moment, we know what the other will say, we know if we are going to hit it or not. Why? Because we always look at previous experiences. To be an expert in statistics you have to do years of studies. But we have it in the blood.

We put our past experiences as a curtain behind which we cannot see. We can’t stop for a moment, to give ourselves a chance to change. To bring another result. We put clichés on everything that moves. From children, work, dear people, to the fact that milk will burn.

We do not allow people around us to change their behavior by labeling them. Rather than crossing our statistical analysis barrier, they give up, because it’s easier.

What if every new day we do not fill it in the morning, with what we know will happen. What if the day is like a clean sheet, and we will complete it, only after one thing or another will happen. How transformative it would be if, speaking to someone, we listened to it breathless, without even having a predefined thought about what would communicate to us. How interesting it is not to put words in the mouths of others, because we think we know what he will say, “that he usually says so”.

Certainly we will find out new things about the person in front, we will see that it is not as we always thought. We will realize that people have many sides, besides being quiet they can be very determined or besides energetic they can be very profound.

If we make the pattern of people and situations of the day, we already know what will happen, why to leave the house. But if we open our minds, we stop our thoughts and analysis, we will surely have a day full of surprises, transformations and wonderful things.

It is not easy to do this, because our mind is programmed to anticipate things and avoid what we do not like. But it is not easy, nor do continuous and statistical analysis all day. It’s about choosing between stagnating and developing yourself. About looking at the world with other eyes, curious and wide open.

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