Happiness? Don’t look for her because no one lost her …

Fericirea? Nu o mai căuta că nu a pierdut-o nimeni...

Stop looking for happiness because no one lost it, in any case yours. Maybe someone says he lost his happiness but even in this case it wasn’t his. He put it in something or someone else and left with it.

That happiness is not yours, it is your happiness that fills your soul every time you feel good. When you feel comfortable when you enjoy what you see, hear, feel. When your mind is free enough to be filled with joy. You can be happy alone or with someone. You can be happy when it’s hot or when it’s cool. You can be happy when you drink water or coffee. It is important not to correlate happiness with something or someone.

Chemical process?

It is good to realize that happiness is not a whole or something continuous but pieces of joys, pleasures, beauties, relaxations. More pragmatically, happiness is the consequence of chemical processes in our brains. When we understand this we will understand that we can be happy even in difficult times. There is no need to separate: we are happy or we find it difficult. If in the harder times we will not allow ourselves to be happy, we will pass them more difficult, or not at all. I think we all know at least one chronically dissatisfied person. These people cannot get out of these states if they do not allow happiness to be part of the routine.

My message is to allow well-being to enter into all the little things we do every day. They will anoint the wheels of life that will move much more harmoniously among the other challenges.

Happiness is a skill

We must not wait for the day when the great happiness will descend upon us with all the joys of life and will never end. We have to make ourselves small joys, escapades in nature, even for a day. Daily walks that start those chemical processes in the body and give us well-being. If we wait for that 10-day vacation once a year, without relaxing, we can no longer enjoy it. We forget what it’s like to be happy and we find what we don’t like there too. Happiness must be practiced consistently and perseveringly, like any other skill you have, if you want to be able to do it excellently.

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