Economic crisis? What happens to business in Romania?

Economic crisis

Economic crisis? What happens to business in Romania after a month of emergency? The first sight is a total chaos. Companies are turning to online, some know how to do, others not so much. Online course companies are starting to compete with every second specialist who became a teacher overnight. It seems that the pandemic of information is growing exponentially with each new course, than that related to COVID-19. It seems that the world has begun to learn more, but rather it has begun to teach others more. We do not know yet if this formula means even better.

Economic crisis?

Most interesting, however, remains the topic – the economic crisis. Which is highly promoted by experts. Opinions fluctuate from the extreme crisis compared to 2008, until there will be a short-term crisis without serious consequences.

If we look closely we will notice that those who were already in crisis, almost bankrupt, gave up first, for them this is a gift, they dismiss the staff motivated. They received some help from the state and are satisfied, even if publicly lamented.

Those who have worked consistently at its companies have oriented quickly, some have also gone online, others have made new product lines that are required on the market now, and others have reserves for risk situations.

There is also the category of those who have been waiting for the crisis for 4, 5 years. They think things will happen as in books. They want to speculate on the effects of the crisis. They insist fiercely that will be a big crisis, and seek to influence others by any means to speed up the process.

There are also the undecided, they are trying to find a landmark so they can choose the right direction, but they cannot find any data that will convince them that it will be one way or another.

Can the economic crisis be foreseen?

Unfortunately or fortunately you cannot predict how it will be, because there are many influencing factors: how long the pandemic will last, what reserves the companies have, how they will act on price policies, how much patience will the stock market investors have, those in the real estate markets. No crisis could have been predicted in advance throughout history. Yes, in retrospect they were analyzed and the factors that led to the crisis were found, even though some factors could not be predicted in any way, they were factors that did not have a direct connection with a possible crisis.

What are we doing now?

Now is the time to learn to live in constant change without being shattered by the feeling of insecurity for tomorrow. To learn to act in extreme situations. Learning to maintain a productive attitude even if everything seems to stand still. Let us draw conclusions that we can pass on to future generations. And not only about the economy and the financial safety net that everyone should have for at least a year before, but also about attitude, kindness, reciprocity, prevention … About the messages that have to be transmitted to others in difficult times, encouraging messages, full of hope, which would help them get out of the negative states that they have. Not to sow fear, panic, discouragement that push people to do hasty actions, to their disadvantage, but to the direct advantage of the crisis.

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