Does size matter? – Business and creator

It all depends on the person interested. As in life, everything is relative and depends on the perception of each individual. For someone the size of a business means how many employees it has, for someone else whose turnover, for others what profit and there are those for whom business value for people matters.

The most important thing is what the creator wants from his business. There are many analysts around: neighbors, consultants, marketers, godparents and other stakeholders 🙂 who are interested in the size of your business. Each of them have well-defined criteria of life experience and accumulated knowledge of what a business means. Everyone has the right to an opinion. And it is possible that everyone is right in their own way. But owning a business is like any other profession, it fulfills those who have it, some financial but also psychological needs. If you take into account all the experts it is possible on the way to lose the ability to extract from this occupation the pleasure, the fulfillment.

We should not report each business to those with imposing dimensions. Bill Gates saw his huge business from the beginning, “bring in every home a computer”, otherwise he couldn’t imagine, so he created what he created. But there are entrepreneurs who see their creations differently, do not want to change humanity, just want to bring value to a community for example, or create jobs, others want to get financial freedom, others just like to be creative.

After all, the size depends on the eye of the one who sees it, not on the value itself. Entrepreneurs should focus on what they do and what they want, not on criteria imposed by society. If the most successful creators had been influenced by society, the society would have been deprived of many things that it enjoys today and takes them as a given.

Definition “Stakeholders” – Stakeholders in an organization are individuals and constituents who contribute, voluntarily or involuntarily, to the creation of values and are potential beneficiaries of profit or risk.

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