Do we repeat the patterns with the mistakes? – Vibrating in their own colors

Why more people’s trial to do the same thing leads to different results? Even if you follow the steps of some successful people who have already done that. Are important points omitted? Isn’t the lesson itself omitted, the things what went wrong?

A painting can only be copied if you make the same mistakes as the first time. The painter makes many attempts until he reaches the final result. But he doesn’t start a new canvas every time, he just adds and straightens what doesn’t suit him. In this case, some colors and shapes can only be obtained in this way. If someone makes a copy, the painting may look perfect but lack substance, the colors may not be as deep or simply not emanate the initial energy given by the author.

It is the same in life, we repeat the teachings of others step by step, but something does not happen. Something is always not as we expected. Of course, we cannot repeat the whole process that others have gone through with their mistakes. But we have the possibility to adapt these patterns to our situation, to go through them, to make our mistakes, to readjust, to add our own steps or to modify them. In this way the picture of our life will vibrate in its own colors, beautiful and special. And most importantly unique! Another picture does not exist, nor does it have any of your own trials, mistakes and improvements.

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