Crisis? – Why are people more afraid, imminent danger or uncertainty of the future?

I would tend to say that people are more afraid of the danger of the present, which is true for part of humanity, those who do not have the habit to think about consequences. But most people are afraid of more than an uncertain future. Many are trying to guess what will happen to the economy, most are based on business cycles, which, to some extent, can really show us how the economy is responding to crises. But it is not taken into account that today there are more informed people and the curves may look completely different because they will react knowingly ( I do not suppose that many people really know the economic cycles and the mechanisms behind them, but they know that in crisis they can buy cheap and sell expensive later). It is not taken into account that the economic instability of this period is not a natural one but as a result of a major force. Nor is the fact that access to information, including economic information, is much easier. Let’s imagine a scenario. People who wanted to buy their homes will postpone when the eventual crisis comes.

Let’s imagine a scenario. People who wanted to buy houses postponed for when the crisis would come. In this sense, the real estate developers are also expect, and they do not change the prices, waiting for better times, however it is not sold what is the sense to make cheaper. And if everyone is waiting, why not keep their homes and sell them more expensive later. And without worry, they will find what to deal with at this time, one of the ideas would be to rent the homes they own, with a small investment in furniture. But given the fact that they are entrepreneurs, they will find many other things to do. One day those who didn’t buy houses and most likely rented to those developers who were more patient will realize that they are paying rent instead of paying for their own home. They will decide to buy it and since there will be many who will do so, demand will be high, so developers will even increase prices. And let’s not forget about the rent money our clients lost during this time.

It’s an imagined scenario, but given the fact that information is circulating much easier today, and people have access to data they never dreamed of, it is likely.

Crisis strategies are only valid when very few people know them, if many people apply them, even if erratically, the results can be reversed or they may take a completely new twist.

Mankind has come back from much more serious crises over time. I don’t think we have to tremble for fear for tomorrow, this can’t help us. We better use this time to revise our lives. To communicate with loved ones. To analyze and draw conclusions from the created situation. To learn and plan. To meet the new self who is more experienced, more mature, going through a possibly unique period in life. This Period that does not whisper to them, but yells at him that life has a stopping point, and can have many ups and downs. It is important to learn how to climb back as fast as possible, and less wrinkled.

Now let us imagine that everyone, but everyone, would react more consciously during this period. True feerie what more … I just wanted to imagine :)))

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