Anxiety and business – Free but alone?

It may seem strange, but these two concepts are closely linked. Entrepreneurship is a perfect amplifier of anxiety. It is the step that, when you do it, you remain free but alone, most often. Even if it seems that freedom is something that frees you from worry, it is quite the opposite. Freedom comes with a lot of responsibilities, a lot of uncertainty and from here it is the direct path to anxiety.

Living in continuous change is hard. You always have to adapt things, and yourself, for tomorrow. And no boss to tell you which steps to follow and no corporate system that measures everything and guides you. You have to do everything yourself, research the direction of the market, write down your steps, if you are more organized to create your own system. At first glance it seems impossible, you cannot be a researcher, creator and strategist at the same time. But we have clear examples of successful entrepreneurs who have done more at the same time. But Satisfaction of success is a huge one, entrepreneurs know why. Even if you work hard, you do it when you want, as you want, at the pace you want. Of course, the reward is proportional to the effort, but this is your choice.

Anxiety during this time is paying close attention to details, the more details appear the more space for maneuver have in your head. What if we became friends with her?Or maybe we can even begin to tolerate it, to make it aware, and to allow it to exist. However, she is the one who creates our challenges. Every entrepreneur loves challenges, business is a challenge in itself. Anxiety is part of the challenge, without it we would not have the courage to solve them. When can you still be brave if not when you are afraid? Anxiety can cause us to act, try new things, make changes or crouch in a corner and complain of pity. What we do is just our choice.

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