i like people who, in order to shine, do not extinguish the light of others

I’ve tried to write a little about myself so you can get to know me better. I found it hard to write, there are too many things and I don’t know which ones will be relevant to you. That’s why I decided to answer a list of questions I found recently and it was quite challenging for me.

• Who are you? Answer in a Sentence

I am love, happiness, excitement, creation, imagination, inspiration, peace, a mixture of values, dreams and people…

• What do you live for?

Because I can… To feel the sun again, to connect with nature. Because life is addictive, every time you want a little more. A little more pleasure, a little more happiness… Because it’s nice to breathe, to eat, to work, to sleep, to smile, to hug your loved ones…

• What does Pain mean to you?

Pain for me is disappointment, even though I try hard not to get my hopes up, it still happens. Pain is also the reaction to change, even if it’s pleasant afterwards…

• What will you never give up in life?

The desire to have fun and continuous development. The journey towards balance between all aspects of life. I will continue to help my children, loved ones and myself to create skills and abilities that would make life more beautiful. I couldn’t abandon art, I love writing, painting, photography, singing, theatre or maybe I rather love the emotions and flow state that the whole creative process gives me. I love the state of creative madness, it’s a state of total freedom in which the brain allows itself to make connections you don’t expect… And I would never abandon travel, nature…

• What or who do you avoid in life? Why?

I avoid people who steal energy and give nothing back.

• Is there anything you believe in without evidence? What is it?


• What's your greatest need right now?

To connect with myself…

• What is the best advice you would give yourself?

Act dear, be brave, do it all the way even if you are afraid of the unknown that comes with the outcome…

• Happiness means... what?

For me happiness is moments of joy, peace, tranquility, joy, whatever gives me pleasure.

• What kind of people does the planet need now?

People who are open-minded, informed, curious, connected with themselves and nature.

• What looks exceptional in the dark?


• What's the most beautiful thing you've seen today?

My children.

• What is missing in your life and do you feel gratitude for it?

Envy, hatred, stupidity, foolishness.

Do you think about how it’s possible to get rid of them? You just don’t focus on them, these things don’t really go away, your attention to them goes away.

How did I do it? I focused on more important things that help me reach my goals.

• What is impossible to steal from you?

The ability to start again with great energy and confidence. Inner strength. The knowledge and skills I have formed.

• The most valuable lesson from Mistakes is...?

Be patient, and don’t burn yourself out, time solves them all.

• Happiness is not...?

Things, places, people, habits, routines…

• Love is not...?

Just happiness…

• What do you feel grateful for in life?

Children, husband, family, books, change, places visited, nature, art, life lessons…

• What would make you give up the people you love?


• What makes you smile?

Children, spouse, sunshine, loved ones, nature.

• Life's too short to wait... what?


• If you know you die at midnight, what do you do during the day?

I sit with the kids and my husband, we walk, we play, I hug them tight and tell them that life is wonderful and no matter what happens in it or how long it lasts you have to live it full of love, happiness, courage… And really do the things you dream of, don’t wait for the right moment, there isn’t one…

• What negative thoughts often come into your head?

I kind of got rid of them.

• What have you started to appreciate more in the last 3 years?


• What scared you yesterday that no longer scares you today?


• My life will be ideal without... what?

I don’t think there is anything that makes your life ideal, if you want it, you always find something that messes you up.

• What is it that fuels your hope?

Inner strength, children, husband.

• What do you trust completely?

In adaptability and flexibility.

• How do you see it, what chance do you get every day?

Whatever, you choose…

• What do you want to remember for the rest of your life?

That I can be happy no matter what.

• What do you appreciate most at the moment?

Where I am, the people around me, who I have become as a person, life.

• What are you looking forward to?

Next trip 😃

• How do you think, what does humanity need right now?


• Do you remember the moment when you realized how fast time passes?

With time I made peace, it whispered to me that it is relative, so it depends on what you do and how connected to the present you are.

• What do you wish for all the people you love?

To love themselves as they are, but not to stop growing, to stay themselves even when it’s very hard to detach from the currents, to love nature and connect with it as often as possible, to live as much as possible in the present and allow happiness to invade every pore of their skin as often as possible… To know that it is up to them how they feel and only they are responsible for what happens to them, so only they can change things… To transform things that affect them instead of ignoring them… To be creative in life, when things go wrong to find solutions that take life itself by surprise…

• Is there anything in life that is endless?

Yes, development…

You can do an exercise, and answer the same questions if you want. It's a good exercise to do a review and understand if you are on the path you planned, and if you should adapt something...

Expertise & interests:

  • Mother since 2006
  • Master in Business Administration
  • NLP practitioner - American Union of NLP (AUNLP)
  • ANC Certified Trainer
  • Child Psychology - continuous learning and practice since 2005
  • Balance in life - continuous learning and practice since 2012
  • Dissertation topic: There is no Leadership without Comunication | The communication kit of a sustainable leadership
  • Degree in law
  • Communication and Personal Development
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Theater classes, ― 2012-2013 | Eugene Ionesco Theater
  • Art | Photography | Writing
  • SuperBlog Contest ― 2020 - 4th place out of 120 participants | Writing 25 promotional articles for Romanian companies with increased attention to SEO and Creativity. | Competition organizers: super-blog.eu & swissplan.biz
  • Competition for University Students, 2th place ― 2019 | Competition Topic: Social Innovation and sustainable development. Laboratorio Athena, Terni. | Paper: The importance of sustainable leadership in small and medium enterprises.
  • Conference Advanced business research ― 2019 | Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Al.I. Cuza, Iași. | Paper: Sustainable leadership communication kit.
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